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Buy CD's - Save lives

DVD cover1 in 8 children in Haiti will die before their fifth birthday from curable or treatable diseases—many of which are caused by dirty or unsafe drinking water. Buying Jeff James CD's will help provide free water to people living in Cite Soleil, the poorest slum in the western hemisphere, Healing Haiti is delivering fresh water, bucket by bucket to thousands of families each day, six days a week, without charge... people who have no electricity, no toilets and no running water. Healing Haiti runs two water trucks that deliver 63,000 gallons of chlorinated water every week. A total of 10 CD's bought will purchase an entire water truckload (3500 gallons)

Brand New CD 'Live & Loopless out now!

DVD coverAfter a long delay with no releases a new CD has hit the merchandise table and is available now. The CD titled 'Live & Loopless was released in June of 2013 with all the sales of that month and the next going to fund my daughter and I's mission trip to Haiti. The CD is comprised of 17 songs mostly original but also includes a few select cover songs including the open tuned rendition of Paul Simon's "You Can Call Me Al"

The Roland GR-33 Joins the Show!

DVD coverThe Jeff James Show has moved forward once again. I am always trying to further the show into some new dimension. Staying the same holds no challenge to me as I don't want to get boring to those who come out to see me. 3 years ago when I was on the fence about buying the RC-50 Loop Station, I decided to just jump in and invest the time into learning the art of Live Looping. I can't imagine if I had not done that. I may have burned out. My next step was the GNX3000 guitar processor which elimininated my need to bring a bass guitar on a stand with me and opened up the door to a whole new sound with my GnL Legacy Strat. Now once again I have taken a chance with Roland's GR-33 Guitar Synthesizer. The GR-33 allows me to choose from 384 sounds much like a keyboard does. The primary sounds I have been experimenting with are: Breathy Sax, Piano, B-3 Organ sound, Synth Bass, trumpet, several different string and pad sounds. The GR-33 works with a GK-3 Pickup which I have installed on my Electric guitar. It works by converting the signal from each string to midi and into the selected synth sound. Hope you come out to see the new show!!

Hanover Lions Fundraiser - Smelt Fry April 25th!

DVD coverHANOVER, MN - Mark your calendars for Saturday, April 25th. Hanover City Hall is the place to be from 12 to 7! The menu includes smelt, bread sticks, coleslaw, chips and cake. A special meal of mini-corn dogs is available for the kids. From noon to three you can get great food and the kids can have some fun playing games. Beginning at 4:00 there will be live music to enjoy while you eat and drink. We had originally scheduled Chester Kottke s group as entertainment. Unfortunately they had to cancel. We are fortunate to have found a great replacement in Jeff James. You won t want to miss this! He is a nationally accredited guitarist and has spent time in Nashville. He covers a wide range of music including folk, blues, rock, country and gospel. He puts on a great show!

Benefit for Tracy Jones Feb 28th

DVD coverS ome of you may know I was adopted when I was 4. Before that I lived with my foster family for a couple of years and had 2 foster sisters - Stacy & Tracy. Tracy (Wife & best friend to Dwayne, Mother to Miranda (16) & Hockey mom to Darien (12), daughter, sister, aunt, and friend was recently diagnosed with cancer in early December of 08. I'll be perfroming for a benefit for Tracy Jones in Maple Lake on Feb 28th at the VFW. The Spaghetti Feed/Silent Auction will be held at the VFW right off Hwy 55 in Maple Lake will start at 5:00pm...$10/Adult & $5 13 & under. The Live Music will start at 8:00pm and go until 12:00am. Tracy loves to dance and she would love everyone to come and celebrate her life and have a good time with all of you. Tracy's Caring Bridge Site

Great Minnesota Birthday Party!!

DVD coverC heerful Givers Big Birthday Bash
Sat April 4th (1-3 pm)
Mall of America Rotunda

Cheerful Givers presents “The Great Minnesota Birthday Party”
Sat. April 4 – 1-3pm – Mall of America  (Sear’s Court)
·       Purpose:  To recognize children who don’t get to celebrate their birthday while raising awareness and  funds for Cheerful Givers. 
·        Entertainment by singer/guitarist Jeff James
·        Local celebrities
·        Kids singing contest
·        TC, Twins Mascot, Shrimp Louie & others for photographs
·        Games, drawings, face painting, and more
Details are available at :

More YouTube Videos up featuring Electric Guitar

DVD cover5 New YouTube videos have been posted up featuring the Electric Guitar to give viewers the dynamic diversity of Jeff James Shows. The Songs featured are all done via Live Looping and include percussion, bass guitar, and 2-3 electric guitars and harmonica all done on the spot live. The Songs featured are "Folsom Prison Blues", "Hootchie Cootchie Man", "Route 66" "Pride and Joy". and Pink Floyd's "Another Brick in the Wall 2" the latter having the front end cut off due to a lengthy conversation drowning out the sound on the video. You can catch them on my YouTube page under videos. CLICK HERE TO GO NOW.

Free Song Download "Home to You"!!

DVD coverO ver the past several months I've had requests for copies of Driving Music 3 (which is currently out of print) I've come to realize that this is not my best work and I'm not comfortable putting it out on the market for 'new ears' as it doesn't represent me much as I am today. I've decided to start making some of the songs available as free download. The most requested is "Home to You (the New London Song) is now available for free on the CD's Page!

DVD Release Party June 29th Bayside Grille, Excelsior!

DVD coverT he Release of "Take in the Fall" is here. Friday June 29th at Bayside will be the official release party! Show starts at 9pm. Show up for free prizes and other specials going on throughout the evening. Volunteers are needed so contact us at jeffjamesmanagement (at ) if you'd like to be involved. There will be a 2nd DVD Release party at O'Neil's in Spicer on Friday, July 13th as well so some don't have to drive 2 hours to get there. Take in the Fall will be available at on June 29th.

10 Videos now on YouTube!

DVD coverT here are now 10 videos on YouTube of Jeff James Performances 6 of which specifically feature me using the new Loop Station. You can see a mix clip with several songs or clips of "Hotel California", "Handyman", Bad Leroy Brown", and a few others. If you can, please take some time look them over and post a few comments! Click to Go There!

Sneek Preview of the new DVD!!

DVD coverT he new DVD "Take in the Fall" is completed and is awaiting duplication. The big wait is completion of funds to get it done. I am shooting for a DVD release party on June 29th at Bayside Grille. I've posted the full song "Mississippi Red" from the DVD including a brief intro to the song on my videos page - courtesy of YouTube.

The Boss RC-50 joins the show!

cheerful giversI Usually wouldn't bring up something like this but I'm too excited to let it slide. I've added something new to the show and can't wait to try it out. I bought a Boss RC-50 and have had it for about 3 days. No ordinary pedal. During the shows I'll be able to simulate 2 different guitars at the same time- allowing me to play lead over rhythm chords. In certain songs I'll be able to add harmony. For those who have heard "Shower the People" the ending won't seem so empty anymore. All of this will be live and not pre-recorded. See you at the next show!

Jeff James "Take in the Fall" to air on TV in Dec

cheerful giversFor those of you who came out last fall to the NWCT studio to participate in the show - you've probably been wondering "Well when is it going to air?" It's finally finished. The show has been edited with some interview material added in and some of the audience comments as well. Some of you know that I'm an at home Dad with 2 kids (to which some of you may reply "that's cool - you can do whatever you want!) *pause here while the rest of us stop laughing* Debbie went back to work in January and everything went into slow motion. James is now 1 so we've worked some days out to work on editing so after some 36 hours of editing work the show is ready for airing. Those of you who get channel 20 you can catch it as of now Tue Dec 12th at 10pm Wed Dec 13th 10am and 4pm Sat Dec 16th 7pm Sun Dec 17th 7am and 1pm Barb Nolan of NWCT (Who's been just awesome!) has also informed me she's given it to Metro 6, Stillwater, and Blaine. The more info I get I'll post the times on the Web Site. For those of you who remember "Holiday '04 with Jeff James" it will be airing so far on CH 19 Dec 5th at 11pm and Dec 6th at 5am 11am and 5pm.

Two Hands is now available on iTunes

cheerful giversIf your main source of buying music these days is iTunes and you're a Jeff James fan start getting excited! Recently the album "Two Hands" has been added to Apple's iTunes Music Store. So what are you waiting for? Go out and download those songs!!!

Americana Music Conference 2006 - Nashville, TN

ama Man it was nice to be back in Nashville. I'm still more comfortable in Nashville than anyplace on earth when I'm an artist. I was surprised and thrilled to see so many friends I'd left behind. The Fiddle & Steel Guitar Bar will always be my home there. Past memories aside - this week has been great (Where do I sign up for next year?) I attended as many panels as I could - my particular 2 favorites were Music Marketing For Americana Artists and 10 Most Important Rules of Publicity. My award goes to Kissy Black of Lotus Nile for being the most outstanding panelist of the conference. Kissy comes through with such enthusiam and passion for her work that I think it rubs off on those around her. When you see a performer singing and playing with all of their heart you get an idea of how Kissy is with the work she does and her dedication to the artists she works with..
My favorite performance (although it was steep competition) was the SESAC Writer's Round featuring and intimate show with Jim Lauderdale, Dana Cooper, Kevin Welch, Hayes Carll, and Ray Wylie Hubbard. Hayes Carll having made the biggest impression among these talented songwriters - buying the CD's when I get home. Also Darrell Scott was a great show at the Cannery Ballroom, Mountain Heart - a stunning bluegrass band, Tom Gillam's Tractor Pull (But No CD!??) Dale Watson, (who I met when we did the Ernest Tubb Midnite Jambouree a few years back) and Marty Stuart to name a few.

We Have a Winner! Congratulations to Ben Werder!

Ben Werder won the bid for a Private Performance helping donate $250 to Cheerful Givers! Thank you Ben - I look forward to the performance!

Bid to Win a Private Party with Jeff James Performing!

cheerful giversIif you have an event coming up after April and are looking for Jeff James to perform you may want to direct yourself to
For the month of April there will be an auction for a 2-3 hour Jeff James performance at your event (within an hour of the metro area) The Mission of Cheerful Givers is to brighten and celebrate the lives of families in need by providing toy-filled birthday gift bags for children who are homeless or living in poverty. Jeff says: "As some know I was adopted at 4 and when I heard about Cheerful Givers I thought about how easily I could have been one of the less fortunate kids. My daughter's birthday is in April so this is the perfect month for this donation to initially start."

Article in the Marshall Independent

megan Nashville-Experienced James to Perform in Tyler (From the Marshall Independent Weekender Nov 19-20th, 2005)
By Cindy Votruba
Minnesota musician Jeff James has jammed with the members of the country group Rascal Flatts in Nashville, played more than 2500 performances and always looks for a reaction from his audience, big or small. MORE....

Concert Series Continues Sunday, January 29th 6pm

megan The next in a series of church concerts will take place on January 29th, 2006 at Augustana Lutheran Church. (1400 South Robert St. West St. Paul) The show will feature songs from 2 previous albums also on the JGR label, produced during James' 6 year career in Nashville, TN. Newcomers can expect a stellar guitar performance from the New London, Minnesota native. James' baritone/tenor voice has been described as "smooth as cappuccino with a slight edge". The songs: Metaphorical, allegorical, melodic, warm, and hey, some are even fun!

Two Hands listed on John Shelton-Ivany's Top 21

Issue #214. Jeff James "Two Hands" Top 10 Recommended albums. ,
This mention listed by reviewer John Shelton Ivany. The John Shelton-Ivany Top Twenty-One is published in 200 National newspapers. For those who would like to know who John is:

John Shelton Ivany is currently Internet provider for  Mr. Ivany is the former editor of Revolution, Country Song Roundup, Hit Parader and Rock & Soul (all national magazines). Formerly editor of On Radio, Electric Village and websites. Mr. Ivany was the President of Titanium Records, a subsidiary of Atlantic Record Company. Visit the John Shelton Ivany Web Site HERE.

Two Hands is a bit different from the previous albums. The songs have more varied tempos and feels to them. I've been blessed to work with some very talented and humble Nashville musicians over the past 6 years and some show up on this album. I finally get a chance to record some open D tuning songs and I love the feel and flexibility of playing them. I'm a Folk Artist at heart with emphasis on storytelling, vocals and the acoustic prominence in each song."
- Jeff James

1/16/2007Happy New YearWow - it's actually been a year or close to it since I've put anything here. My newborn is no longer newly born but 15 months and I feel like I have a little more time to dedicating to those out there again. For those who don't know -I'm also an at home Dad. When Debbie went back to work after James was 3 months - everything came to a halt. So if I might pinpoint a few highlights of the year. I look back on all those who started a new life together: Brent and Amy, Riley and Amanda, John and Melissa , Kelly and Babeth, Justin and Christine, Tracy and Jeremy, Mike and Jill, Aaron and Erin, Julie and Jake. God's Blessings to you. My Musical Highlights this year. Performing a great writer's round with Christian Songwriters Mark Johnson and Nikki Frizzell. Nikki is an amazing singer/songwriter and if you haven't heard any of her work please follow the link on my links page. We did a show at the MN State Fair this year and was a great time. I saw John Gorka with my friend Ryan in the Spring at a small church in Shoreview. It was so intimate -awesome show. In September I went to NAshville for the Americana Music Conference which gave me some much needed inspiration and a chance to go out and see numerous music acts. (I don't get out that much) Debbie and I went to see David Wilcox in December -so my year was almost complete. It was ended perfectly by getting to see my old friends from Selah - It was an awe inspiring show - Amy Perry is new to the trio but held herself up amazingly offering up new inspiring vocals. Getting to talk with Allan and Todd again was great. This year promises new things including a new live DVD entitled "Take in the Fall" and new technology integrated into the show to create a larger experience. I look forward to seeing you all this year!

2/3/2006Enjoy!This is a new venue for me and I thouroughly Enjoyed it (Pun intended). I was thrilled to see some old Bilimbi Bay goers (Doug Leslie, and Joe) Great to see you again - thanks for your requests and kind words! Thanks to Rick, Jesse, Denny, Eddie, Elaine, and Janet. Also to Lisa, Evelyn, Danielle, and the rest of your crew. Gretchen - Nice to meet you and Rick - also John. I appreciated your flattering comments! Thanks to Sean(sp), Jackie, David, Carissa(sp) Sheena, Greg and the rest of the Enjoy! crew. Hope to see you again soon! Thanks also to Wayne Cullinan and Stacy Ringhouse!

1/29/2006Augustana LutheranAM Worship Service. Some people have asked about the songs I did for the 3 services this morning. I performed "You Are My King" (Newsboys), "One Thing I know" from Selah's 1st album. Also "God of Wonders" (Third Day/Casting Crowns") and "All My Praise" from Selah's "Hiding Place" album. If you don't know Selah please check them out! In all the time in Nashville I haven't run across more inspiring performers and people than Allan, Todd, and Nicole (and now Melodie). Allan also has a solo album which I think is amazing (House of 1000 Dreams) You can check that out Here.

1/29/2006Augustana LutheranPM - wow, what a great turnout! This was the 2nd of what I hope to be an ongoing Church Concert series throughout MN. A special thank you to Don Marsh, Mark Aune, Paul Erickson, Kimberly Leetch, and Carla Pfeifer for your enthusiasm, prior to the concert and after. I had a great time and the audience was fantastic. I'd list people but there were far too many. Thanks to my lovely wife, Debbie, and Johnny for staffing the CD table! God has blessed me, allowing me to do what I love for a living, To share with fellow believers is a very rewarding experience. Thanks and God's Blessings!

1/27/2006Golden Valley Golf - Thanks for the tremendous response from members at Golden Valley Country Club. You were fantastic! Thanks Terri and Amanda, Matt, Jim and all for the kind words - see you next time!

1/19/2006I-94W and Highway 153pm: My ipod starts cutting out in the middle of a song in my car. Then my car starts slowing down and the lights in the interior go out. Soon my car is dead! No power :( Of all the days for it to happen. I'm supposed to do a show at Melvin's from 5-9pm and then another from 10-2. I was making great time. Thanks to Geico I have free roadside assistance. Now what? Luckily, God has provided Carol Kuebler who lives in St. Cloud Carol and Ervin Kuebler used to come and see Keystone before my move to Nashville 8 years ago. They have continued to be very loyal fans and good friends. They were there for the TV taping even!. So I call Carol and she very willingly takes her van to the auto repair shop and we load my equipment and take off. (All the while Carol has dinner cooking for later) I owe Carol a lot for getting me there. A true friend drops everything to go and help another. So I thought this would be as perfect time to start my news back up again. THANK YOU CAROL!!

1/19/2006Melvin's, SpicerArt Show and Wine Tasting event. This was a great Event put together by Kim Wendtland (Sp?) great job Kim! Thanks to all of those who bought CD's. I saw so many people just during this and will try to remember most let's see... Thanks to Carol and Rick for helping load in! Merle and Barb, Dave and Susan, Nancy, Diane, Rita and Gary, Roger and Carol, Michelle, Joel, Danielle, and Barrett(sp?)Jerry, Shea, Cora Lee, and several others!

1/19/2006Melvins, SpicerYep STILL the same day! No rest for this boy. At least I took 1 break from 6:30 to 10. Then 10:20 to 2:00am This makes for a LONG day but I had a great time! Josh and Laura -As always, you guys rock! Thank you Laura for your photography! Thanks also to Phil, Chris and Sara, Angela and Chris, Brooke (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!) and Trevor?(MIA after I saw you once) Rachel, and Chad. Got to be a pretty wild night - thanks to those who help make it fun. No thanks to the person who threw their drink that mostly landed in the request/money jar. Thank you Justin, Jenna, and Dan -see you next time.

1/20/2006Queen Bee's, PaynesvilleBest night I've had at Queen Bee's so far. Rachel (2 nights in a row, wow) thanks for getting those requests goin. (as if you had to write yours down) It was nice meeting your family and peeps. Travis, Phil (also 2 in a row!) and Dan and your crew - great to have you out. Trudy and Kent nice meeting you and chatting! Same to you Laura. Barb - hopefully you can get a CD next time. Thanks Brandon. Thanks to the Queen Bee's Crew! See you on the 14th!

9/17/2005O'Neil's, SpicerJust when I thought it couldn't get any crazier at O'Neil's, I'm proven wrong! What a great group of folks (Yet I can't help think I need some chicken wire in front of me - almost lost my teeth twice!) Got some cool photos of a lot of you (See below) Thanks everyone - Best of Luck Christa! Hello to your whole crew - Nice seeing Andrea , Gail, Jennifer, Tricia. Alissa also Brandon, Brent. great to see you again. Beth - wow super to see you - nice meeting Eric - Jess and (Mike?) thanks! Leah I'll e-mail you the TV info. Hey Ivy, Lisa, Travis rest of that group - glad to have you on a night off! Thanks O'Neil's crew!

9/15/2005Floyd's, VictoriaI Love Floyd's! I'm going to miss it when it gets cold. Anyway thanks to a packed house (umm outdoor patio) Jeff thanks again for the help! Judie(sp) nice meeting you great having you and your friends there. Thanks to Jodi(sp), Jennifer, Kari(sp) and Nancy and the mystery girl who didn't give me her name (Drift Away and Margarittaville) Checking out the Maroon 5 song! Also to the wonderful table to my front right - Southside? Southview? Clinic I knew I should have written it down. You were great. October 1st is my last date there for awhile until good weather allows. Come celebrate Floyd's Birthday Party I start at 3:30. Thanks Lois, Rick Angie, Jeff , and Dan!

9/12/2005Bayside Corporate Party, ExcelsiorHey guys! I enjoyed the evening and gettin to meet the other Bayside employees. Greg, I wish you all the best - I bet you'll do wonderfully! Thank you Ben!!!

9/10/2005Private Party, FairmontLeland and Julie, Brooklyn and Sydney(sp)Thanks for having me - Had a great time, enjoyed meeting your friends and family. Let's do it again sometime!

9/9/2005Private Wedding, OtsegoCongratulations Lori and Chris! I wish you a long and happy life together. Thanks for having me there.

9/4/2005Private Reception, LakevilleCongratulations Shelly and Kevin! All the best to you in your new life together. I had a blast and look forward to seeing you and your friends again!

9/3/2005Sirloin House, Fairmont. Bob and Heidi, Tina, John, Joanne(sp) Jerry, Pam, Marty, Allan(sp), Jeff, (please e-mail me your crew I need to know Everyone) The very large Birthday table!, Lori and John - how great to see you again! As you can see below - Fairmont is the first place to get some photos up! See you in October.

9/2/2005Tryg's, MinneapolisNew venue. Trygs's is great place to hang out folks - On Lake street in Minneapolis (3118 to be precise) Thanks to all the great people I met that evening: Michael, David, Sarah(sp), Art, Sandy, Maggie Kendra, (Wendy?) You all were fantastic! See you Oct 27th!

8/28/2005CBB Reality PartyDaniel thanks for having me you have a great setup and a beautiful house (Imagine a guy who sells houses having a beautiful house!) You obviously have a great team and work hard. Paul, you were greatly appreciated - especially coming from a musician. Marv - really nice meeting you and chatting! Give me your number. Steve nice meeting you - you're daughter is such a doll! Nice meeting all of your families. Check out DECIBEL a Minneapolis Hard Rock band!! A great end to a crazy 5 day run!

8/27/2005O'Neil'sOkay - Crazy night! Missy - Hope you have a great wedding! Ryan Christianson - Man it's been forever, great to see you! Gene and Ruth thanks for coming out. Bob, Tammy? Rudy, Mike - thanks for the help with the mess. Jeff and Annette!, Jessie, Ben, Brandon, Jerome, Chief! See ya on the 17th!

8/26/2005Melby Outdoor Private PartyThank you Jeff Melby for bringing me out. Thanks also to Jeff and Chris(sp?) Charlie Roth thanks for sitting in and adding your talent - Charlie plays a mean harp (Check out Charlie with Jack Tango) Gretchen you did a great job singing! Mike Sheehan good too see ya! I saw a lot of people I haven't seen for awhile - Jered, Garrit(sp) Scott, Shana, Phil, I know I'll forget more. Great Evening folks - I look forward to next year!

8/25/2005Floyd'sThanks to Martin Zellar and Danny Neil! You guys put on a great show - Danny I enjoyed talking with you. Thank you both for your kind compliments. Big thanks to Peter Ooley and Ryan McCormack for your videography! Your time is greatly appreciated. Lovely Wife Debbie thanks for being at the show! Jodi from Duluth - it was nice to meet you as well as Gretchen. I hope you both enjoy the CD's. Heather and Chad nice seeing you - hope you can make it out to a show soon. Thank you to Lois and Rick once again and Jeff, Angie, Nick and the rest of the Floyd's crew! See you Sept 15th!

8/24/2005Bayside GrilleOkay I've dubbed you "My Gang" You know who you are. The staple group at Bayside! Gretchen, Jodi, Nicole, Jason, Nick, and Marc (where have you been?) I'll put Andy in there too. Haven't seen him in awhile. Craig Mack - nice to see you again thanks for the help. Thanks to Shawn(sp) Brett, Jim, and Ellen? (If that's not right at least I remember you were from San Francisco.) Katie, Sally, Libby Great Job! Jeff, Caitlan(sp) Susan, Rob (and one more I'm going by the order you were sitting.) Thank you Duane and Ben!

8/20/2005Gjerde ReceptionCongratulations Mike and Tammy Gjerde! All the best to you.

8/18/2005O'Neil'sWild Nights, always a blast - Thanks to Josh and Laura! (Josh for staying up that late!) Leah and Dave, Lisa, the Legion gang, man - so many my head hurts to remember - thank you to those who bought CD's. Thank you Michelle and John, Gretchen and Travis. Back on the 27th!

8/13/2005Crosslake Outdoor ConcertI love doing these outdoor shows - I will miss them come winter. Thanks for having me Dan and all the Town Square Merchants! What a great surprise to see people from hours away! Thanks Merle and Barb, Eric and Beth, Simon and Ella, Ray and Judy, Marnie, Frank, Leah, Stephanie! I really appreciate your support! Gaylen, Bredeson's and Berg's! Thanks Jordan and Marilyn, Daniel. Nice meeting you Phil sorry I didn't get to any Wilcox for you.

8/12/2005Mississippi DunesThanks friends and family who came out: Denny and Sue, Jake and Margie, Jenny, Louie, Rich, Dave and Connor, Doug and Rita, Tessa and Phillip, Thank Tom nice to see you again. Thank you Mary, nice working with you.

8/06/2005Chocolate Spoon, White Bear LakeNice little coffee shop here. Thanks Debbie for singing with me - you rock! thanks Elaine, Dan, Shana, Sami, Ethan, Mikaela, Denise, Nathan and Jenny - (hope you feel better by now) and all who came out.

8/05/05Sirloin House, FairmontThank you for coming out: Tim and Kathi, Tom & Carol, Bob and Greta, Rosa & Matt-a, John, Angie, Craig and Joyce, Tom and Cally. Thanks Heidi (Miss ya Bob) and Nita. Happy Anniversary Mike and Cheryl! Thanks Curt, Beth, Kelly, Hope I didn't miss anybody - this is what's in my head right now.

8/04/2005Floyd's, VictoriaFloyd's once again was a blast! Thanks Jeff and Dan for the help. Thanks to Rick and Lois, Dave and Patrice, Chris K, Franke I'll contact you sometime, the folks who bought me the Zin! You guys are great! See at the ZELLAR show on the 25th!

7/30/2005O'Neil's, SpicerSATURDAY NIGHT at O'Neil's is slammin!!! I have too many friends now to name them all so I'll say thanks to everyone there!! Thanks to Leah and the O'Neil's crew!! Look forward to seeing you on the 18th

7/29/2005 I just booked a date with Lois opening for Martin Zellar on August 25th (Thursday) at Floyd's in Victoria. If you don't know Martin Zellar (SHAME ON YOU) he's former frontman of Minnesota's Gear Daddies. Contact Floyd's for more information.

7/28/2005Floyd's, Victoria Thanks to COREY STEVENS for the kind words and the great performance. If you don't know Corey, He's been a staple in in the Blues/Rock National scene for a number of years - and a fantastic songwriter (his guitar playing goes without saying!) Check him out at Nice to Meet you Dave. Thanks to this fantastic crowd! You guys were awesome and I appreciate being overwhelmed with your comments after the show. Thanks Dave and (Ida? I should have asked you again) Mike Castle, Linda, Jeff, nice to see you again, Nick nice meeting you. I'm afraid I met way too many people last night so you will have to come and introduce yourself during the next show. (I'm back next Thursday) Thanks Lois and Rick - I love your place!

7/23/2005Van Heyst WeddingCongratulations Joel and Julie!! Best wishes to you! I enjoyed being a part of your special day and meeting your wonderful family and friends. Hope to see you in the future!

7/22/2005CoffeeGrounds, Falcon HeightsThanks Dave for having me at your place - I enjoyed your unique setup! Nice meeting you Kelly(sp?) Thanks to all who were out and said kind words. Thanks Elaine, Deb, and Danielle (who always makes a show an interesting event) I don't have my mailing list with but thank you (Nicole?) if I'm wrong I'll change it with an update. Also Suzie and Mary - nice meeting you. Area people if you haven't been there, go check it out, it's a cool place!

7/20/2005Bayside Grille, ExcelsiorHey all you Best Buy folks - I so enjoyed having you out to Bayside! Next time you are in town look me up and we'll do it again. Also thanks to the group I sat with on break (you know Jason and Jennifer's table) Matt, Dan, Rochelle, Chris, Katie. Thanks Duane and Gregg, Cheryl and all the awesome servers at Bayside. Hey Roy Payne come and do it agayn I'm glad you 3 came in! - Matt bring out Anna next time - great to see you - Hey I just watched this fantastic acoustic DVD David Gilmour concert - ask me about it sometime. Til next week!

7/16/2005Love Fest, Fairmont I'm already looking forward to next year's Love Fest I had such a great time! If I had more shows like this I'd, I'd.....Thanks to the fabulous Coolers who opened - Tim, Keith, and Lee, I dug getting to hear you - love the tunes. Thank you to Tim and Kathi, Bob and Greta, Tom and Carol, Seth, Amber, Jamie, all of you from Omaha, NE (if I named all but one it would wreck me) Audience, you were fantastic and I hope to see you soon - Hey I JUST BOOKED 3 MORE DATES IN FAIRMONT SEE YOU ON AUGUST 5th at the SIRLOIN HOUSE!

7/12/2005 Lots of changes throughout the Web Site lately. If you haven't been around for awhile - take a peek. You should notice different things here and there. The look should gradually improve as I have time. If there is something you'd like to see on this Web Site, send me an e-mail. I've considered a forum or guestbook of types but only if you faithful listeners would like. Let me know your thoughts. That is all, carry on.

7/10/2005O'Neil's, Spicer Wow, I never expect a full house on a Sunday, but here it was. All night long. Paul and Nikki, always great to see you - Paul thanks for the help loading in. Josh and Laura, Duane and (I need an introduction next time!) Kyle, Jeremy and Heather, Mike and Tammy, Doug and Leslie?(see this is where I get in trouble) Tom and Kina, Judd, Chris and Sarah, Lisa, Special thanks to Gene and Ruth and friends! Wonderful to see you again. Thanks also to Michelle, Travis, and Jesse(sp) All those that I didn't get to meet or forgot! See you Thursday!

7/9/2005Inver Grove Heights Private parties are some of the most fun gigs to have. Congratulations Meghan! It's great to be able to entertain ages from 1 to 92 and that's what happened on Saturday. Thank you to Stacey & Paul for bringing me in. You are truly a wonderful aunt for Meghan to have! I enjoyed your family and friends. Thanks for all the help loading in and out!!! I had a great time.

7/7/2005The Narrows, Maple Grove This was a new venue with a new group of guys (well 2 guys) I met up with some old friends from St. Cloud. Two very talented guys from the band Jack Tango. Charlie Roth and Chris Stone. Charlie asked me to perform with them so I was very happy to join them. (I do miss playing with others) I had a fun night here. The crowd was pleasant and I'd hope to come back sometime. You can catch us 3 guys this Thursday at O'Neil's in Spicer, MN. Thanks to Bill for coming out after 30 hours of no sleep - Now that's a dedicated fan! Thanks Charlie and Chris, I look forward to Thursday.

7/3/2005O'Neils's, Spicer Surprise Show - booked the day before. This was a great pre 4th of July party! Spicer is one of those places where I don't think I can name everybody that was there because I know so many. Maria, enjoy the CD's! Thanks to Paul & Nikki, Leslie & Brent, Rachel (sp) HAPPY 4th of JULY!!!

7/1/2005Dunes Pub, Cottage Grove This is a nice place to perform. I met some really nice folks here - Thanks Mary, and to Chris and Allan for being 'roadies'. Also to Tom, Ashley, and the other groups that had kind words. Thanks for having me Dennis - happy to come back again sometime! Anybody who is wondering - this is the Mississippi Dunes Golf Links Pub - open to the public with a great 2 for 1 drink special 7-9 - come on out!

6/29/2005Acadia Cafe, Minneapolis First thanks to Justin Law for opening the show, putting up with the 30 minute sound check to get things going, and a great performance. I will now proceed to thank the folks that I know that came out - Ryan, as always - thanks for everything. Steph, Speedy, PETE! great to see you back in MN! Dave and Patrice - thanks for being the true fans you are hope you have a great trip!! Chris, Andy, and Cyndi, Jeff and Andrea, Elaine and Karen. Debbie and Danielle -Deb you did a wonderful job (I Love you!) Thanks to Peter for running sound and Ted for getting things going. Also thanks to those on the list that e-mailed me (RSVP'd so to speak) who couldn't make it - I appreciate your responses! I sincerely thank all - Jeff James won't amount to anything without your support!

6/23/2005Floyd's, Victoria A new venue - I really enjoyed Floyd's. Thanks to Lois for booking me and the enormous praise. Thanks to the folks on the mailing list that came out - Blaine, Dave, Mark, Suzie Q, Gretchen, Jodi, Andy, (thanks for increasing the mailing list) Jeff thanks for the help! Angie, nice meeting you. For those that weren't here, it was a 6-10(or so) outdoor show - very nice atmosphere at an early time. Thanks everyone for the three encores ! I look forward to coming back.

6/15/2005Bayside Grille, ExcelsiorThanks to Daniel, great having you out. Also to Butch and Sue - always nice to see you. Gretchen you made it! How great! Thanks Jodi. Jeff and Katie - thanks. - I'm going off the top of my head from 2 weeks ago so forgive me!! Thanks Ben, Duane, and the staff!

6/12/2005O'Neils, Spicer What an amazing night! Nice to have a full room on a Sunday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRETCHEN!!!! Hope you had a great one!! Bob thanks for the help loading in and setting up - I'll send you your fee. I'll try to list as many as I can picture in my head in no order. April, Tina, Leah, Angela and Chris, Korin, Shelly and Chad, Travis, Lisa, Andrea & Chris, Judd, Jeff, Denny, Dave, Hey Richard (Rich)! Mark, Hammer, Chris, Lisa,...I know there's more I'm sure I'll add later. Thanks Michelle for booking me. I look forward to coming back.


Fan Photos

Melvin's - Spicer Jan 19th

Bayside Grille - Excelsior Sept 22nd
O'Neils - Spicer Sept 17th

O'Neils - Spicer Sept 17th
Sirloin House - Fairmont Sept 3rd